Authentic and Inspired Collections

These scented candles were made for all those who love History and the stories it tells, all those in search of luxury and authenticity, all those for whom a French way of life still holds fascination. They reconnect with forgotten fragrances, tied to History, and offer new sensory experiences. The genuine spirit of 17th century, refined and brilliant, is now visited in a very contemporary way.

The creative foundations of Arty Fragrance by Elisabeth de Feydeau are built on the lavish opulence of the Versailles court society, which also gave rise to a system of objects that imbued the French tradition of luxury with abundance and enchantment. “Create and excel”, those were the words of Colbert, Minister of Finance under Louis XIV, when, in 1661, he established French art and craftsmanship as models that were to become the origin of French luxury. In France, the Château de Versailles had been the theatre of royal splendor since Louis XIV, known as the Sun King, who contributed to the country’s political and artistic influence. The Château de Versailles remains one of the most highly visited locations in the world and a creative impetus for the Arty Fragrance by Elisabeth de Feydeau brand.

Arty Fragrance by Elisabeth de Feydeau endeavors to create exceptional products steeped in tradition, for luxury is unchanging, eternal, rare, the polar opposite of a trend. The word luxury comes from the Latin: luxus, which is translated by ‘dislocated’ or ‘excess’. In the eighteenth century, the meaning of luxury shifted toward well-being, refinement and the art of living. Noble materials had to be used in every creation.

The values of creation draw inspiration from the splendour of the Court of Versailles and the elegance of French art of living, revisited with a contemporary twist, steeped in luxury, tradition, authenticity, expertise and the pursuit of pleasure.



Evocative names

The name of each candle is an invitation to travel back in time and rediscover fragrances of old. They are the beginning of an authentic story that unfolds in the refined scents and opens the doors to the imagination.

In the collection expressing the Court of Versailles: The scented candles: “La Fleur du Roy” (The King’s Flower), The “Rêve de la Reine” (The Queen’s Dream), “Délice des Libertins” (Libertines’ Delight), “Jardins et Bosquets” (Gardens and Woodlands), Potager Royal (Royal Vegetable Garden), the Christmas candle “L’Enfant Roi” (The Child King) and the massage candle "Alcôve Royale" (Royal Chamber)etc. transport us back to the sumptuous life of the Royal Court.

In the collection expressing a baroque spirit and the French lifestyle:
The scented candles: “Lux”, “Barocko”, "La Montespan" and “Les Précieuses”, “L’élégante” (women of elegance), “L’Aristocrate” (The Aristocrat) etc. are like a newfound memory of this soft, refined extravagance.


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