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Passionate about perfumes and history, Elisabeth de Feydeau obtained her doctorate in Contemporary History at the University Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV) in 1997, unanimously approved by the jury. Her dissertation was entitled “De l’hygiène au Rêve : l’industrie française du parfum, de 1830 à 1945” (From Hygiene to Dream: the French perfume industry from 1830 to 1945). She began working as head of cultural affairs at Chanel and Bourjois, where she set up and managed the conservatory. Curious and determined by nature, Elisabeth learned about the ingredients used in perfumery through her olfactory training at the Laboratoire des Parfums. Her qualities and knowledge encouraged her to launch her own consulting company specialized in olfactory and cultural development. Arty Fragrance redefined values, involved in olfactory design, communication and training for prestigious names in perfumery. Elisabeth has written several books on luxury and fragrance, organizes various exhibitions and gives workshops and conferences around the world.

Elisabeth de Feydeau has used her sensitivity and expertise to dedicate all of these years to developing French heritage and the art of perfumery throughout the world. Her in-depth knowledge of history and developed sense of smell enable her to analyze past experience, understand modern aspirations and anticipate trends. Since 1999, she has been passionately sharing this expertise with students and future perfumers from Essec and Isipca, where she teaches in parallel to her other projects.

In September 2010, she was made a “ Dame de la Jurade ” of Saint Emilion (honorary title of the Association of the Jurade, which seeks to promote the St Emilion wine region).

In 2010, Elisabeth de Feydeau was named Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres by the Minister of Culture, Frédéric Mitterrand. In 2013, she received an Achivement Award from the CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women)


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