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Light your candles with the new matches by Arty Fragrance

The long natural wooden matches with a black button are contained in a box white matt decorated with the logo Arty Fragrance by Elisabeth de Feydeau.

Their size enables to light with elegance and delicacy your Royal Candles. A soft light enters in your inside or your terraces.





Box of approximately 38 matches.

220 mm x 65 mm x 22 mm

Public price: 10.50 €

A box of matches offered for a Royal Candle 550g or 3.3kgs purchased

Matches for candle of Versailles

Our new exclusive fragrances in the Royale collection

Our new perfum candle by elisabeth de feydeau, persian letters

Persian Letters

Arty Fragrance by Elisabeth de Feydeau pays homage to the Orient and the extraordinary influence it exerted in 18th-century Europe. The architecture, grandeur and customs of these refined civilizations were an immense source of fascination, and their representatives were received as honoured guests in the Hall of Mirrors at the Château de Versailles.


With the founding of the French East India Company by Jean-Baptiste Colbert in 1664, brightly printed cotton fabrics known as Indiennes became the height of fashion, wrapped in patchouli leaves for protection from insects during the long voyage. Their exotic scent wafted through the air at Versailles, although perfumers had not yet begun to use it in their palette.


In 1721, Montesquieu published the highly popular Persian Letters, introducing the "Turquerie" movement of Turkish-inspired styles and methods to the Court and all of 19th-century baroque society.


The Persian Letters candle exudes the warm, sensual scent of patchouli, heightened by notes of amber and vanilla, to evoke the famous, traditional Oriental accord.



Top note : patchouli

Heart note : amber

Base note : vanilla



Available September 2, 2015

Our new perfum candle of arty fragrance, secret of chrysanthemum

Secret of Chrysanthemum

In Asia, the chrysanthemum is a source of joy, a symbol of longevity and perfect beauty. Native to China, the "golden flower" became the emblem of the Japanese Imperial Family.


The chrysanthemum came into fashion in France during the 18th century. Marie-Antoinette had beds of the flowers planted at the Petit Trianon, and enjoyed watering them with her children.


This candle extols the chrysanthemum with a floral, spicy accord that evokes the Queen's beloved flowerbeds and the symbol of the sun celebrated in Japanese culture.



Top note : peony, lily of the valley

Heart notes : rose

Base notes : myrrh and sandalwood



Available October 7, 2015

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